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When You Feel Like No One Understands You

When I was growing up, the Cheers theme song could have been the theme song for my life. I wanted to go where everyone knew my name. Where our troubles were all the same.

For a long time, I felt like no one knew who I was or understood anything about me. I was not the popular kid.

Often, these same insecure feelings, when they’re not delt with and brought before our Creator, can transition into our adult lives. They eat at us from the inside, spewing out into snide remarks, anxious behavior, and endless striving for an unattainable acceptance from everyone.

The woman with the cute hair at church. The mom behind you in the carpool line. Our parents. Our friends on Facebook that we haven’t actually seen in fifteen years.

I spent a large period of my life thinking this acceptance could fill me. If someone saw me for who I was and truly got me, loved me, and accepted me, I would be content.

I failed to realize that the person I was searching for was there the whole time. He created me and searched me and knit me in my mothers womb. He saw every sin, every fault and insecurity and still chose to die a brutal death for me.

Our endless attempts to be seen will never fill us, because the only one who truly sees us is the one who lives within us.

When we choose to follow Him. When we proclaim with our mouths that He is God and Lord of our lives.

He placed a desire within us that only He can satisfy. And if we’re trying to meet that need to be seen and recognized with anything or anyone but Him, and Him alone, we will run in circles for the rest of our lives.

Friend, if you’re on an endless race to please everyone in your life and running on empty, can I just offer something as someone who’s been there? Slow down and rest. Soak in the presence of the One who can truly fill our cups. The only One who truly knows us.

He has called you by name.

He is waiting with open arms for us to invite Him in. And I can promise you, when you kneel at the feet of Jesus, you will find all that you need.

“You have searched me, Lord, and you know me.” Psalm 139:1

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