The Glue That Binds

Did you know that He prayed for you?  For me?  Before I was ever a glimmer of life in my mother’s eye, my Savior thought of me.

He didn’t pray that I’d have a trouble free life, that I’d make enough money to pay all the bills, or that I’d never experience heartbreak.  He prayed for unity.  With my brothers and sisters in Christ, with the people on the other side of the world I will probably never meet, with the neighbors who always let their dog leave presents in our yard.

In a world where we divide ourselves political stance, financial position, denomination and doctrinal views, Jesus prayed that we would be one.

His blood is the glue that holds us together.  He didn’t bleed only for me.  He also bled for a prophet who, when given instruction, fled in the opposite direction.  He bled for the thief who hung beside Him.

He bled for the one who denied Him three times, and upon his return, instead of badgering him, hung Himself out in the space between them, saying, “Do you love me?”

His Love is the glue.

He became the blackness that divided us from Heaven, his own body bearing the weight of it, and in that moment is own Father had to turn his back so that you and I could be free.

Free to choose.  And yet still some will say, “no.”  Still those of us who say, “yes” fight amongst each other.

I am a ligament that makes up a finger and you are another.  See that woman over there? She is the ear that hears the cries of the weak and says, “Mercy.”

We are One. God, help me not to be a lone part of the body trying to function without your Light, but a living, working part of the whole.

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