Faith Five minute friday

Exhale Stress, Inhale Peace

I am awakened by my two-year-old’s blood curdling cry around 2 A.M. Then again at 4 A.M. What is causing his sleeplessness? We don’t know but we think it’s night terrors. His sudden, inexplicable cries scream fear.

As I walk into his room and he recognizes me, he calms slightly. When I pick him up and carry him to the rocker, his body relaxes against my chest.

He exhales. The stress in his body dissipates.

I wonder, when was the last time I let my heavenly Father hold me like this? When did I last let my tension dispel into the arms of his loving embrace?

Exhale your worries and inhale His peace.

He is perfectly capable of keeping the planet spinning on its axis without our help. While one hemisphere sleeps, He is still God.

When we breathe in this truth, we find sweet freedom.

This post was written for Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday link-up. A beautiful, bold group of writers who meet each Friday to write about one word for five minute flat. No hyper-editting. No over thinking. Today’s word was: Exhale. Click the button below to learn more.

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